Playing in the Sand With Disney Golf at Walt Disney World Resort

No golfer likes hitting their ball out of a sand bunker. But if you have to be in one, the bunkers at Walt Disney World Resort’s courses are some real beauties now.

That’s because we are redesigning key elements of Disney’s Magnolia Golf Course, including the bunkers. We have removed more than 40 trees from the back nine alone and are repaving several cart paths and the parking lot.

The most noticeable difference, though, is around the sand bunkers. In addition to getting an improved drainage system, various bunkers are being resculpted and/or repositioned with all of them being filled with soft, powdery white sand, which really makes them visually appealing. The work will include the popular Mickey-shaped bunker on Hole No. 6, which will be slightly elevated to make it even more visible.


More trees will be removed on the front nine and those bunkers will also get the same powdery, white sand. All work is expected to be complete by early October.

Many of these tweaks are being made to create a more playable experience for golfers, especially those high-handicappers like myself. After all, having to hit your ball out of a fairway bunker is tough enough without also having a huge tree blocking your shot. To follow the construction progress, check out Disney Golf’s Facebook page at and get more information at

In the meantime while the work continues, golfers can take advantage of a special promotion through October 9 when golfers can play nine holes after 10 a.m. for only $ 25, plus tax, or play the same nine holes all day, plus get a complimentary beverage, for only $ 39, plus tax.

With all of that golf, chances are your ball will find its way into a sand bunker at some point. But at least now it’ll seem more like a day at the beach.

Playing in the Sand With Disney Golf at Walt Disney World Resort by Darrell Fry: Originally posted on the Disney Parks Blog

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